Event Planner vs. DIY Planning: Benefits of Hiring a Professional

Event planning is an exciting though sometimes challenging field when organizing an event. Organizing events, be they for business or personal like weddings, entailing every detail to the tee to avoid a hitch. Though, setting aside some cash to employ a professional event planner may be considered by others as a expense highlight, taking this […]

Top 10 Trends in Event Planning for 2024

event planning

With the freve of events continuing to change, it is all the more critical to grasp trends that will shape memorable occasions. Several drivers are playing out in the agenda for event planning in the year 2024 range from technology innovation, change of customer trends and tendencies. The following are the top 10 trends that […]

Why Hiring a Professional Event Planner Is Worth the Investment

professional event planner

Sure enough, the orchestrating of functions, business, weddings, or even large group occasions is not an easy process, and it takes much time. It is a common scenario many people and companies especially in Singapore are faced with a decision to either hire a professional event planner or undertake the event planning themselves. Following are […]